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Smoking and your Heart

Hypnotherapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, how can they help you?

You may well have stopped smoking at some time in the past, possibly even for a considerable length of time, then something happened and you restarted. You may bitterly regret that lapse, and wonder what on earth went wrong?  

Or this may be the first time you have seriously considered giving up smoking.

Either way, this is the best time for you to stop smoking. The very fact that you are reading this means you are serious, that you have decided you want to stop, and maybe your only decision is how and when. We will look at how your thoughts have been contributing to making giving up smoking difficult previously, and how to change to thoughts that make it easy to stop smoking, and to enjoy being a non-smoker.

I speak with personal experience, I started smoking in my teens, and after several years of on and off, finally stopped easily for good over 30 years ago. It doesn't matter how many years you have smoked for, or how many you smoke. The only thing that ultimately matters is that you are serious about wanting to stop. If you are not yet sure if you want to stop, then please wait until you are sure.

If you are doubtful about your ability to stop, but really want to, then hypnotherapy will give you the confidence you need, and also removes cravings making it physically easier to stop. If you are giving up because somebody has told you that you should, or you think you ought to, but deep down you don't really want to, then hypnotherapy is unlikely to be any more successful than any other system you may try.

I can make it easier for you to stop, giving you relief from the cravings, and confidence in your own abilities. Hypnotherapy is more beneficial in the long term than nicotine replacement, leaving you drug free and confident of your own abilities. It will also leave you feeling relaxed around your smoking friends, who you may well wish to continue socialising with. Stopping smoking allows you to enjoy your social life even more!

Stopping smoking will begin to improve your health straight away. Your body has a wonderfully efficient immune system. Given the opportunity, as soon as no more chemicals are being taken in, your immune system will begin expelling all the detritus in your lungs. This may or may not mean you begin coughing for the first time. If you do, this is GOOD. It means your body is healing itself. Coughing may last for some time, but rest assured, once the coughing eases, you will have cleaner healthier lungs. In approximately ten years your lungs will be as pink and healthy looking as a non- smoker's.

Your heart too, will revel in having a better supply of oxygen, uncontaminated with carbon monoxide from the cigarettes, within hours of stopping. Your chances of having a heart attack or stroke will begin reducing immediately, and after several years you will have a risk factor approaching non-smokers.

I would be delighted to help you achieve your goal of becoming a non smoker when you have made up your mind that you want to stop but are worried about failing. I will see you over two sessions, the first to stop, and the second to deal with any issues that may have arisen as a result of stopping. Many people are worried about substituting food for cigarettes for instance, therefore the second session is to support your resilience and long term success.

Do feel welcome to contact me for any queries about your particular issue, or for an appointment, on 01502-715945 or 07900.933585  and I trust you will allow me to enable you to change your life for the better.

Jessica Hothersall BSc Pyschology, HPD, CBT & NLP certificates, Meridian Therapies
Member of The British Psychological Society, College of Medicine & British Holistic Medical Association