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Do you want to lose weight, maintain weight loss and become slimmer and healthier?


Are you having problems with losing weight and yo-yo dieting? Very often I find my clients have already attended weight watchers,slimming world or other weight loss clubs and lost weight previously, sometimes very large amounts. Initially it seemed to work well, your weight reduced, you may even have reached your target weight. You felt good.

Then time passed and you found yourself putting the weight back on again, maybe even becoming heavier than before? You may have become anxious or even depressed about this, and wonder what went wrong. Do you think about food a great deal of the time, and then find when you are actually eating, that you are thinking about something else? Find yourself picking when not hungry? Feel as if food is taking over your waking time? Eat quickly, and often feel guilty about what you've eaten?

If this sounds familiar, then Hypnotherapy may well be able to help you. The approach I use is very different to weight loss clubs. We look at how your subconscious thoughts and behaviour patterns are contributing to your difficulties either with losing weight or maintaining a loss you did achieve. I'll show you simple ways to change your thoughts to ones that support you. This allows you to recognise your previously unhelpful patterns and gradually alter the way you think, feel and act around food.

It may be that you eat when you know you are not really hungry, this is a very common reaction for those with emotional issues that need to be addressed. Hypnotherapy is ideal for helping you deal with the emotional issues that have been preventing you from achieving and then maintaining your healthy weight. We've all heard of comfort eating, but sometimes it seems as though it's causing more discomfort than comfort. If this is you, hypnotherapy may well be a good solution for you.

We will also look into the nutritional aspects of your diet, and note where you may have accidentally made dieting more difficult in the past by eating foods that are not as nutritious to your body as they should be. We will discuss any supplements you may find of benefit. One of my client's was worried she was getting early stage dementia, her memory had become so poor, but after a month with supplements, her memory had returned to normal, to her huge relief. Any supplements suggested will be easily available from most pharmacies or health shops, at a modest cost to your purse with great benefit to your body.

Would you like to be more relaxed around food? Be able to stop eating when you notice you are full? Treat yourself occasionally, or go out for a meal sometimes with family or friends without feeling guilty? Do you want to become the weight you feel is right for your height, age and build for the long term? Learn to enjoy your food and become slimmer and healthier.

I can enable you to create a more relaxed relationship with food and yourself. Thus allowing you to gradually become healthier in a natural way, as you learn to live in harmony with your body and it's needs. It is not a quick fix, but a transition to a sustainable way of living that you can enjoy for the long term.

Your old methods of slimming have not worked for you, or you would not be reading this page. Feel welcome to give me a call if you would like to make an appointment or have a chat about how I can help you now on 01502-715945 or 07900.933585.

Links to scientific research regarding hypnosis for weight loss;


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Do feel welcome to contact me for any queries about your particular issue, or for an appointment, on 01502-715945 or 07900.933585  and I trust you will allow me to enable you to change your life for the better.

Jessica Hothersall BSc Pyschology, HPD, CBT & NLP certificates, Meridian Therapies
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